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What to Expect

The ECC is a voluntary child and youth mental health agency. This means that you are not under any legal obligation to participate in service. The exception to this is if you have been mandated by a court of law to participate in a child and youth mental health service. If you have been mandated  to seek and participate in a child and youth mental health service, our staff will work with you to ensure that the services you receive meet your child’s needs. You are  part of your child’s team and will be included in  service planning  meetings and  setting and reviewing treatment goals.

Getting to Know Each Other

Your Service Coordinator will schedule a first meeting prior to beginning active ongoing service. The purpose of this meeting is go over your concerns, provide you with information and answer your questions.  

Staff will explain The ECC Philosophy and Core Values of Service which includes using individualized, normalizing, strength based and non-judgemental approaches, involving clients in service planning  and goals, ensuring good continuity of care and collaborating with service partners. 

Staff will tell you about the services we offer and other community alternatives that may meet your child’s and family’s needs. S/he will explain the risks, benefits and limitations of services, rights and responsibilities, and obligations including important policies regarding

  • Communication methods with The ECC (e.g. telephone, email, written correspondence)

  • Client Involvement in Service and Service Planning/Review

  • Risk Management (e.g. Individual Child Safety and Risk planning, Violence and Harassment, Child Abuse and Harm to self and other)

  • Organizational Client Practises (e.g. the collection of information, informed consent, release of information approval, privacy and confidentiality, record keeping and destruction, client access to records)

  • Continuous Quality and Evaluation of Service

  • Client Satisfaction, and

  • Complaints Procedures

Once the above information has been reviewed with you, your Service Coordinator will ask if you wish to proceed. If you are in agreement, then as the legal guardian, we will seek your written Informed Consent to Service. You will be asked to provide Informed Consent whenever there is a change or addition to the services already provided.


Understanding Mental Health

Understanding Mental Health

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Understanding Autism

Understanding Autism

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