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Virtual Caregiver Workshops

Introduction to Virtual Services

This webinar is for family members who want to learn more about the Zoom platform and how to prepare for virtual sessions.  We will review the benefits and risks for participating in virtual sessions and discuss the importance of privacy and confidentiality.

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

This webinar provides families with an introduction to the common characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and how it can impact everyday life. We will discuss research on the cause of ASD and take a closer look at brain development.   Families will also begin to look at the strengths and needs of their own child.

Building Blocks for Learning: An Introduction to ABA Key Terms    

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is the scientific methodology that is used to support each child's skill development within the OAP.  This workshop will introduce families to ABA terms that will be used throughout their child's learning and demonstrate how these ABA strategies can be included in their daily lives.

Applying ABA Strategies in Family Routines 

Daily family routines provide natural opportunities for parent-child interactions.
Creating teaching moments within these routines can lead to better generalization and maintenance of skills and improve family life. This webinar includes a review of the principles of ABA (covered in Building Blocks for Learning: An Introduction to ABA Key Terms) and discusses how they can be included in their everyday routines. 

Community Resources during COVID-19

The focus of this workshop is to provide families with an overview of the services, programs, activities, funding options and supports available within the community.  

Challenging Behaviours: Prevention and Redirection Strategies

Learn about the various functions of behaviour and why a child might engage in challenging behaviour.  Participants will develop an understanding of how to use Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to prevent and redirect difficult behaviours.

Autism & Sleep: Setting Up Routines for Bedtime Success

Some parents of children with autism have difficulty establishing a healthy sleep routine with their child.  This workshop will discuss common sleep challenges, navigating challenging behaviours around sleep and learn how to apply ABA strategies to set up a bedtime routine.   

Teaching Early Communication Skills

In this workshop, families will gain an understanding of how early language and communication skills develop in children with autism and learn teaching strategies to help develop their child's communication skills within daily routines.   

Stepping Stones Triple P

Stepping Stones is based on Triple P's positive parenting strategies.  It is aimed at helping you prevent and manage problem behaviour  common in children with a developmental disability.  It also helps you encourage behaviour you like, cope with parental stress, develop a close relationship with your child and teach your child new skills.  We offer the 9-week Group Stepping Stones and the 3-part Seminar Series.  Choose the type of Stepping Stones program based on your own needs.  



Understanding Mental Health

Understanding Mental Health

Mental health refers to a person’s psychological and emotional well-being. It affects the way we think, feel and behave. A mental health problem can affect our ability to deal with life events.

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Understanding Autism

Understanding Autism

Research suggests that children with autism are able to form attachments. However the way they express attachment can be unusual and it may seem as if they are disconnected.

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