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French Language Services

We offer multiple options for accessing services in French

The first is to access services directly at the Centre and we will facilitate an intake with the help of translation services if needed. Alternatively, we will also help you connect with one of our community partners, Centre Francophone de Toronto. Centre Francophone is a main entry point for a number of social services for Francophones who live or are looking to move to the Toronto area. You can visit their website at To access clinical services for children and youth, please contact (416) 922-2672, ext. 290.

If you would like us to assist you in connecting with Centre Francophone, please call us at 416-240-1111, ext. 2238. The ECC is also able to offer Single Session or Walk In consultations in French. 

Laissez-nous savoir si vous avez besoin de services en français. On peut arrranger un interprete pour vous ou bien vous référer a des services en francais, si disponible.

L'Espace Jeunesse au Centre Francophone de Toronto (416-922-2672 ext. 290) offre des services aux enfants et adolescents francophones ages de 7 à 18 ans.


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