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Focused Autism Services

This service focuses on skill development in the areas of communication and behaviour.  Goals will be developed based on your child's individual needs and in collaboration with the family.

2 hours, 2 days per week
Delivered in a child to staff ratio of 2:1
Delivered over an 11 week period


Service includes:

  • An initial assessment to determine child and family needs and goals and determine group compatability 
  • Individualized program development
  • Delivery of treatment by a team of highly trained therapists
  • Program oversight by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst
  • Parent/Caregiver coaching
  • Feedback and Follow-up sessions


For help in choosing the service that is the most appropriate for your child and family, please contact Kathleen Molina-Kelly at (416) 240-1111 ext. 2271 or at


Understanding Mental Health

Understanding Mental Health

Mental health refers to a person’s psychological and emotional well-being. It affects the way we think, feel and behave. A mental health problem can affect our ability to deal with life events.

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Understanding Autism

Understanding Autism

Research suggests that children with autism are able to form attachments. However the way they express attachment can be unusual and it may seem as if they are disconnected.

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